To get a map of the  park, go to google maps and enter WILDERNESS PARK CLUBHOUSE 

Cass County has  an interactive website that  shows you roads in the Park as well   Interactive Map  

Property for sale


1.  Kevin & Jessi Kloss have property for sale at 5227 Hyland Road SW, Motley;  320-420-2342

     Lots 31 & 32, Block 3, WPE 4th Addition (Parcel Nos. 26-344-0360 and 26-344-0362)

     No price / cabin with electric and maybe septic and well.

2.  SOLD

3.  Pamela St. Cyr Davis has property for sale on Meadow Lake Road SW. 

     She can be reached at 612-369-8429 or 612-369-1242.

     Lots 14,15 & 19, Block 8, WPE 2nd Addition (Parcel Nos. 26-342-0806 and 26-342-0804)

4.  Alicia Traut has property for sale on Meadow Lake Road SW.  

     She can be reached at 218-851-6856, 218-821-0160, or 763-412-0848.

     Lot 23, Block 8, WPE 2nd Addition. (Parcel No. 26-342-0822)

5.  SOLD

6.  SOLD

7.  Doug Short has property for sale at 4753 Hill Crest Road SW; 218-568-8125 

     Lot 5, Block 4, WPE 3rd Addition (Parcel No. 26-343-0425)

8.  SOLD

9.  SOLD

10.  Mark Wilson has a cabin only for sale to be moved.  Its located at 8480 Black Bear Drive SW 

       Call Mark at 320-290-1825 if interested.  He's asking $16,000.

11.  SOLD

12.  Kris Knaus has property for sale at the corner of Hyland and Robin Hood Lane SW 

        Lot 1, Block 6, WPE (Parcel No. 26-340-0610)

        Includes Shed, Wood Shed, Out House, Deck, and Park Model.

       Call Kris at 320-980-1105 for details.  Asking $30,000.

13.  New Cabin/House for sale in park to be moved.  Located at the end of Poplar Drive.

        Asking $49,500.  For photos and details view their Craigslist posting at:



Cass County has property for sale on their website over the counter land sales.

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