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Welcome to Wilderness Park,

 Once you by property in Wilderness Park you automatically become a member of the Wilderness Park Home Owners Association. If you haven't contacted anyone on the board of directors you should to get your info into our system.  We can also get you a new member packet with important and valuable info. As a member, you get access to the Clubhouse and pool with the use of a key card. Currently dues are $220 for the first lot that you own and additional lots are 1/3 of that or $72.60 per lot.

Anytime that you cross the ditch to connect your property to the road a culvert is required. Please contact the board of directors for a permit to do so. As of now permits are free.  There is a list of resources on the Resources/FAQ page of our website. We do have a speed limit in the Park of 20 MPH. This applies to all vehicles including ATVS.  

As a member of the Park you are part of a greater family and we want to encourage you to come to board meetings the first Saturday of the month and come to the events that are held during the year. If you are so inclined, we would like your help and input on events. We hope to hear from you really soon.

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