About Us


Wilderness Park is a non-profit homeowner's association that is governed by its members, whose mission is to promote family, friends, conservation and nature with year around activities for all ages.

Welcome to Wilderness Park

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Wilderness  Park. This is a beautiful park as we're sure you'll soon discover. There  is a sense of tranquility as soon as you drive through the front gate.  Sometimes it's so quiet that only the rustle of leaves or the shrill of a  bird can be heard. All sorts of wildlife are present in the park, which  makes it rather interesting and somewhat challenging at times! Eagles  can be seen overhead and the cry of the loon can be heard throughout the  woods 

 We hope that we will soon come to know you. This is a large area in  square miles but we still consider ourselves a family. We all have an  investment here and will benefit by working with and helping one  another.